Who is Missy Lynn?

On the cutting edge of music, Missy Lynn is a spark of fresh air in the performance industry. Encompassing jazz, pop with a touch of blues, she performs a style all her own. She puts a new spin on well- known hits but also has original tunes with memorable melodies and moving lyrics. Once you hear Missy Lynn, you will keep coming back for more.

From a young age, Missy Lynn has had a natural passion for music. This passion fuels the energy that continues to drive her work as an entertainer as well as a songwriter. Carefully honing her writing skills, Missy Lynn works daily on her content and has written hundreds of songs. She is an active member of Utah and Nashville songwriter groups, co-writing and collaborating with fellow musicians every chance she gets. Studying and expanding her vocal talents with one of Utah’s top vocal coaches, her voice stays in shape. 

Currently, Missy Lynn is a featured artist at Keys On Main, Salt Lake City's premier Dueling Piano Bar where she entertains guests with fellow duelers in a spirited, all request show.

Also performing around Utah in many venues including The Velour, The Leonardo Museum, Thanksgiving Point, Centerpoint Legacy Theatre, and Park City Hotel, she captures audiences young and old. She has also taken the stage with touring artists in the Pacific Northwest. Missy Lynn enjoys sharing her talent and music to perform for all kinds of charitable and community events.

Audiences and fans from around the globe appreciate this fervor, spirit, and warmth expressed in every performance. She shows off a love of the keys and uniquely toned voice. The Missy Lynn Youtube channel quadrupled in subscribers in 2014 allowing her music to be enjoyed all throughout the United States, as well as South Africa, the Philippines, Great Britain and South America.

Her following continues to expand with each new release and every killer performance. Missy Lynn stays connected with followers on her Twitter page, Youtube channel, Facebook, as well as her personal website Missylynnmusic.com 
Missy Lynn at Keys On Main, Salt Lake City's premier dueling piano bar.

Missy Lynn at Keys On Main, Salt Lake City's premier dueling piano bar.