My New Sounds: Why Are We Waiting - Jed Jones & Missy Lynn  

New song for you! "Why Are We Waiting" was a song I wrote super quick as homework for a songwriting class I took this last month. Received some positive feedback on it, so I figured it deserved more work and more drafts. Knew I needed to team up with my friend Jed Jones to give it a chance of growing up to be a real song. He is genius and made the work fun, but seriously, what could be more fun than making music with friends?! Having a handful of trusted, talented songwriter friends I can turn to makes all the difference in the world. The more talent in the room, the better odds of something turning out worth listening to. Take a listen, leave a comment. I hope this song makes you as happy as it makes me. (*Warning* A little cuss word here and there in this song...but just a dash. Just for flavor.)

Rock on! 

~Missy Lynn~


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