My New Sounds: Why Are We Waiting - Jed Jones & Missy Lynn   

New song for you! "Why Are We Waiting" was a song I wrote super quick as homework for a songwriting class I took this last month. Received some positive feedback on it, so I figured it deserved more work and more drafts. Knew I needed to team up with my friend Jed Jones to give it a chance of growing up to be a real song. He is genius and made the work fun, but seriously, what could be more fun than making music with friends?! Having a handful of trusted, talented songwriter friends I can turn to makes all the difference in the world. The more talent in the room, the better odds of something turning out worth listening to. Take a listen, leave a comment. I hope this song makes you as happy as it makes me. (*Warning* A little cuss word here and there in this song...but just a dash. Just for flavor.)

Rock on! 

~Missy Lynn~


A Magical Mardi Gras at Keys On Main 

Happy Birthday Nina Simone!
(Feb 21, 1933 - Apr 21 2003) 

At Keys On Main my talented stage partners performed Nina Simone's 'Sinner Man' with me this last weekend for our Mardi Gras celebration! It was such a neat cover I would have never attempted on my own. The Keys Team is always pushing me out of my comfort zone, improving me with each show. It is such a honor to work with these insanely kind, gifted people. My heart is happy.  

Thanks for watching! Go check out the Keys On Main website for show schedules & come see me in
Salt Lake City! 

***Thanks to my Honey for capturing this!***
Hugs & Love!  

~Missy Lynn~

"Hot town, summer in the city..." 

Hello music friends, welcome to FALL!

Summer for me was beautiful, but totally crazy. No routine, no order...just busyness. Sadly, Summer 2015 left me feeling somehow disappointed.

Then Fall sweeps in with cooler nights and a refreshed sense of direction and purpose. There is so much to do, but I'm feeling excited about it instead of overwhelmed. I am surrounded by some truly wonderful people and I am so grateful for the opportunities life has gifted me. It is getting difficult to contain myself, love and music is so abundant right now. 

Alright Fall, let's do this.